Most Talked About Quarterbacks on Social Media

by Michael Signorella on October 9, 2018

Social media adds a whole new aspect to watching your favorite NFL team play. You can now share the experience with your teams global fan base. Every Sunday there is a huge spike in social media posts while NFL teams are doing battle on the gridiron. But which teams and players are discussed the most?

This week at ThoughtMetric we decided to have a little fun and rank NFL quarterbacks from best to worst in terms of how many social media posts they get during game day. We collected and analyzed all mentions of each of the NFL's 32 starting quarterbacks on social media this week. The chart below shows our results.

Number of mentions for each teams quarterback during this weeks games.

Tom Brady came out on top (as usual). This result is probably due to the fact that he threw his 500'th touchdown pass this week. This seemed to be a top topic of discussion among fans.

We also ran sentiment analysis on every social media post so we could gauge fans feelings about their quarterbacks.

Top 10 quarterbacks with the highest percentage of negative sentiment.

Eli Manning tops the charts with the worse sentiment of any NFL quarterback this Sunday. The hate seemed to be directed at his play as his Giants lost their second game in a row. In fact seven out of these ten quarterbacks were on the losing end of the struggle this week.

This is a fun example of the power of analyzing social media data. More practical usage would be analyzing which of a companies products are most talked about, and which ones are liked/disliked. To harness this type of power for yourself ThoughtMetric has a free trial available here.