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“Proper attribution to track where sales are coming from.”

Mark S.

“The platform's design simplifies tracking the performance of your e-commerce shop across multiple channels. It provides you with clear and actionable insights that you can use to optimize your return on advertising spend (ROAS).”

David S.
Herbivore Protein

“We use ThoughtMetric for our weekly KPI's, and I find it is an excellent tool for "one version of the truth", which is often a challenge with e-commerce businesses.”

Martin B.
Upper Park Disk Golf

“Helps me analyze the data from all my stores. It collects all the conversion data and attributes it to the right traffic source channel.”

Henry H.
Digital Marketing & eCommerce Manager

“ThoughtMetric is a great tool for me. I have tested multiple trackers and am confident that ThoughtMetric is a cost-effective and well-supported product.”

Omid A.
Marketing Agency Leader

“Packs a good set of attribution insights for Ecommerce. Simple and intuitive to use. Easy to launch for our client portfolio.”

Samuel L
E-commerce Founder
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