Marketing Attribution

E-commerce Marketing Attribution

Install ThoughtMetric on your store to accurately track sales back to the correct marketing channel.

Track all of your marketing channels

Accurately track all of your marketing channels and their impact on revenue.

Social Media Ads
Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads & Pinterest Ads
Search Engine Ads
Google Ads & Bing Ads
Organic Social & Search
Organic social media & Organic search engine traffic
Email & SMS Marketing
Any email or SMS provider
Podcasts & Influencers & Affiliates
Track all of your influencers and affiliates
Any other channel
ThoughtMetric can be configured to track any marketing channel based on UTM parameter, discount code, URL, and more.

Trustworthy attribution

ThoughtMetric is completely agnostic and provides an independent view on how sales should be attributed. We donā€™t favour any one platform, and will always tell the truth!

“ThoughtMetric offers the flexibility of DataStudio with none of the headaches and time investment”

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Nikki Currier, Chief Digital Marketer
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Bypass iOS 14 and ad blockers

ThoughtMetric uses server side tagging to bypass tracking issues caused by iOS 14 and Ad Blockers. This means the data is hyper accurate with absolutely no guessing or modeling involved.

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60 day attribution window

Many ad platforms only provide a 7 day attribution window. This means if someone clicks your ad over a week ago, the sale won't be tracked. ThoughtMetric can attribute sales back to ad clicks up to 60 days ago.

“ThoughtMetric is absolutely essential to our Facebook Ads ROI”

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Meredith Cantwell, Marketing Director
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Powerful attribution models

ThoughtMetric leverages the most powerful attribution models available. Choose from first click, last click, linear, time decay, position based, and data driven attribution models.

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