Social Media Analytics for E-Commerce

Understand your social media marketing effectiveness in terms of revenue and products sold.

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Track Organic & Paid Marketing
Consolidated view of your marketing campaigns across social media platforms. Learn which posts and ads are driving the most sales.
Attribute Posts To Revenue
Get granular with your analytics. Understand how posts and campaigns drive orders, revenue, customer LTV and profitability. Assess campaign effectiveness in terms of new or repeat business.
Connect Posts to Inventory Sold
Report on how your social media marketing is moving inventory. Get detailed analytics about which campaigns are selling which products.
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Full Funnel View of your Marketing

Draw a straight line from impressions to revenue. Quantify your social media marketing performance in terms of bottom line metrics: orders, revenue and products sold.

Ad Analytics for eCommerce

Measure ad campaigns with traditional metrics like clicks, CTR, and ROAS, but enhance that with E-Commerce specific metrics like customer LTV, new/returning customer %, orders, products, and revenue.

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ThoughtMetric post level detail screenshot

Post Level Attribution

ThoughtMetric's advanced attribution algorithms match orders and customers back to the specific ad or social post they came from. This means you can see which customers originated from a specific campaign, and what the average customer LTV for that campaign is. Products are also attributed back to campaigns to allow for product based campaign analysis.

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