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Meet ThoughtMetric — The marketing attribution platform built specifically for e-commerce.


ThoughtMetric has fair and transparent pricing.

Easier to Use

ThoughtMetric works out of the box with Shopify, and WooCommerce.

More Accurate Revenue

ThoughtMetric tracks returns, refunds, and corrects for time zone differences.

14 Day Free Trial

ThoughtMetric has a 14 day free trial. Try us for free today!
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Trusted by over 1,000 e-commerce companies

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Built to empower e-commerce marketers

ThoughtMetric integrates with the largest e-commerce and marketing platforms so you can easily connect data, track ads, and analyze performance.

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Track the performance of all your marketing channels

We help e-commerce companies understand the performance of their marketing and how to make data driven decisions to improve it. We do this by combining siloed marketing data, complex customer journey data, and revenue attribution data to create a holistic and actionable picture of marketing performance.

“ThoughtMetric offers the flexibility of DataStudio with none of the headaches and time investment”

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Nikki Currier, Chief Digital Marketer
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See where your customers are REALLY coming from

Tired of relying on inflated numbers from Google and Facebook? Find out where your customers are really coming from with ThoughtMetric's data driven attribution modeling algorithms.

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Optimize ad spend and increase ROI

Optimize your ads by scaling the campaigns that drive the most valuable customers to your store in terms of customer lifetime value. ThoughtMetric's advanced tracking will match sales back to the exact ad they came from.

“ThoughtMetric is absolutely essential to our Facebook Ads ROI”

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Meredith Cantwell, Marketing Director
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Understand your customer’s journey

Improve how you reach your customers by understanding how customers arrive at your store from first touch to last.

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