Monday, September 7th, 2020

by ThoughtMetric

Good Morning. Amazon, TikTok, and Facebook continue to release new features to stay ahead of e-commerce. The holiday season is coming soon and is already expected to reach new heights. Remote working across time-zones has become a new normal. Welcome to this week's QuickThoughts!    


Most important news in E-Commerce right now

Time to Get Intimate with Your Camera

Amazon takes AR shopping to the next level. Room Decorator, Amazon's new augmented reality furniture shopping tool, is capable of adding multiple virtual products to your room at the same time. Now, rather than only seeing one item in your camera view, you can view MULTIPLE simultaneously. Countless opportunities to pimp your room. After all, isn't school virtual this year?


Speaking of cameras, shoppable livestream is on the rise! Spin Live is now the first Shopify-integrated livestream shopping app. Users can directly purchase your products during influencer livestreams without leaving the screen. On August 26 th, TikTok also took a piece of this action by hosting their own shoppable livestream. Their technology was already developed as their Chinese counterpart's shoppable livestream is already a multibillion-dollar industry. Will this be the new way of shopping?


Of course, Facebook and Instagram are working on interactive media shopping too. Soon, users will be able to directly check-out on Facebook AND Instagram. Double-click for a like, double-click for a buy ;) Users can also start sliding into your DMs for questions with a message button. What's that? FB and Insta will also introduce live shopping? Seems that this trend is REALLY about to kick off!


More shopping comes with more delivery costs. Merchants using USPS will face a slight increase in costs beginning October 18 th. Specific amounts can be found here . This temporary price adjustment was made in response to increased online shopping volume and the projected holiday e-commerce. 

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Resources to help grow your E-commerce

Data is Nothing Without Analytics

Everything businesses want today is data -- data on sales, marketing, customers and even more matrix-like deep network stuff. But is it really just the data we're fighting for? No, it's the information we can get FROM the data. Enter, analytics.


Marketing analytics is about action and decisions. Think of it as baking special brownies: the ingredient list is the data; using that ingredient list to figure out how to make the fudgy brownies is the analytics. Data + Analytics = Delicious Results!


In this digital age, you stay above of your competition by optimizing your marketing analytics. How? Read on here .

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Yours Truly, The ThoughtMetric Family

Surviving Time Zone Differences 101

Working in China while the rest of the team is in Boston can be a real toughie... 12 hours apart! I wake up, they go to sleep; they wake up, I go to sleep. For everyone who is or is working with someone in this situation, we feel you. Here are some tips from experience.


1.     REALLY embrace the role of a night owl or an early bird

Good sleeping schedule? PSHHH, "money never sleeps." In a 12-hour difference, you want to maximize your overlap schedule. Staying up really late or waking up really early -- like you're a rebellious teenager or a superman/superwoman grinder -- does the job.


2.     Set many alarms

Having meetings late at night or early in the morning can easily be forgotten. Solution? Alarms! Set one 15 minutes before a meeting and then one 5 minutes before. It's a lifesaver.


3.      But actually, if you communicate well, the above isn't needed

Embrace the time difference challenge head-on by setting the right expectations. As such, you and your team can come to reasonable compromises. You have a team for a reason -- they will understand and support you. Facing time zone challenges? Communicate, communicate, and communicate!

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by ThoughtMetric

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by Alina Yan on September 7, 2020

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