Monday, August 24, 2020

by ThoughtMetric

Good Morning.  Ready for another round of exciting news? Well, you won't be disappointed. eBay is offering you $$$, Facebook makes it easier to host events online, and Gio-ism is about to change your life. Excited? Let's get your day started!       


Most important news in E-Commerce right now

Mess-up, Fund-up, Power-up

SEO Trouble? Google ran into some Search Indexing issues the other day leaving millions of websites and eCommerce stores out of search results. In the words of @nunohipolito, "don't play with our hearts like that!"


How does a $25k loan sound? eBay, taking the lead from Shopify, has partnered with LendingPoint to extend installment loans to eBay Sellers. Qualified Sellers will be eligible to borrow up to $25k to grow their business. In these uncertain times, this could be a huge opportunity for eBay Sellers.


Competition heats up for eCommerce email automation. Privy is the latest to join the quickly crowding email automation field. Joining incumbents MailChimp and Klaviyo , Privy promises email automation with simplicity, aiming squarely at the lower end of the market dominated by MailChimp. Now you can know exactly how much dough your emails make you (kind of like what ThoughtMetric does for, um, everything eCommerce marketing ). Time to up your email game.


Finally, it's level-up time for Facebook users: Facebook launches Paid Online Events. Amid public safety concerns, you can now easily host and charge for your live yoga classes, trivia nights, or other events on Facebook. That is: host, charge, market all within Facebook.

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People and Moments that defined E-Commerce

There was a time when Online Ads did not exist!

Scroll through Instagram *AD*

Watch a video *AD*

Order takeout *AD* (50% off chipotle? Don't mind me (;).


Ads are Ubiquitous in 2020. But the world only witnessed the first banner ad in 1994'


It was a clickable AT&T banner ad in a magazine called HotWired!! AT&T had spent $30k with a run time of 3 months. They achieved a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 44%! When was the last time you've even heard of a 10% CTR? The average CTR in 2019 was 0.35%.


Why it matters: According to PWC, 2019 saw a $125bn total revenue generated by ads. 30% came from banner ads! That's $38BILLIONS! Clickable ads completely changed the landscape of marketing in just two decades. Just imagine what comes next. It's time to pay close attention.


Fun fact: Metsothlioma became the most expensive keyword in paid search in 2009, with a cost-per-click of $99.44.

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Resources to help grow your E-commerce

The Beer Guy Moment - A Blast from the Past

It was pre-COVID in a galaxy far far away, this picture-perfect scene went viral. Double-fisting two cans of Bud Light, with a home run heading his way, Jeff Adams decided to chest the baseball to preserve his beers . 48 hours later, Jeff Adams became the face of Bud Light's national ads.


The lessons from The Beer Guy moment still apply to all e-commerce brands: authenticity, showcasing real customers, and storytelling are key pillars of good marketing.


Will you create the next Beer Guy moment? Find out here .

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Yours Truly, The ThoughtMetric Family

If Anything, Gio-ism

I'm not a morning person. If you are anything like me, early meetings can feel like a bit of a chore. Well, ever since joining ThoughtMetric, I've replaced my morning tea with a hefty dose of Gio-ism'85


You would think a 19-year-old with a g a zil l ion I nstagram accounts would know her way around pop-culture, but 20 minutes into my first call with Gio, " Bueller, Bueller, Bueller . .."


I stared at my computer screen in awe. I was getting schooled!


My everyday language is now peppered with newly acquired expressions :

-        Did a good job? "You are heating up like leftover lasagna!"

-        Does the team agree on the next steps of a project? " Moneybags !"

-        Is it time to tackle a massive undertaking? "Let's Shake n' Bake !"


A world of pop culture references that came in free with my internship: Free-99!


Four weeks in and twenty early morning zoom calls later, Gio-ism has fully hit. What is Gio-ism? A unique way to blend pop culture references into the mundane of day-to-day work banter. Nothing else can get me through a morning call th a n the sudden use of a Gio-ism .


What's your favorite pop culture reference? Let us know on twitter @ThoughtMetricIO and help me school Gio back.     

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by ThoughtMetric

"Because it's lonely at the top, but you've got to get there to experience it."


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by Alina Yan on August 24, 2020

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