How to Set Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking on WooCommerce

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If you're doing any form of online marketing, tracking conversions is a crucial element in determining the success of your efforts. Fortunately, Google Ads provides a powerful tool to help you track and measure the success of your ad campaigns: Google Ads Conversion Tracking. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of setting up conversion tracking specifically for your WooCommerce store.

Understanding Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Before we dive into the setup process, let's first define what conversion tracking is and why it's important for your WooCommerce store.

Conversion tracking is a powerful tool that allows you to measure the success of your advertising campaigns by tracking when a user completes a desired action on your website. This could be anything from making a purchase to filling out a contact form or signing up for a newsletter. By tracking these actions, you can gain valuable insights into which ads are driving the most conversions and adjust your ad spend accordingly.

But conversion tracking isn't just about measuring the success of your ads. It's also a way to optimize your website and improve your overall user experience. By analyzing the data from your conversion tracking, you can identify areas of your website that may be hindering the conversion process and make necessary changes to improve your conversion rate.

What is Conversion Tracking?

Conversion tracking is the process of measuring the success of your advertising efforts by tracking when a user completes a desired action on your website. For example, if you want users to purchase a product on your online store, you can track how many users actually complete a purchase. This allows you to determine which ads are driving the most sales.

Conversion tracking is a crucial component of any successful advertising campaign. Without it, you're essentially flying blind, with no way to know which ads are working and which ones aren't. By tracking your conversions, you can make data-driven decisions about where to allocate your ad spend and maximize your return on investment.

Why is Conversion Tracking Important for Your WooCommerce Store?

Conversion tracking is critical for any business that wants to maximize its advertising ROI. By measuring which ads are driving conversions (purchases, phone calls, etc.), you can focus your ad spend on the ads that are generating the most revenue. Additionally, conversion tracking can help you identify areas of your website that may be hindering the conversion process, allowing you to refine your website and improve your overall conversion rate.

For WooCommerce store owners, conversion tracking is especially important because it allows you to track sales and other important metrics directly from your Google Ads account. This means you can easily see which ads are driving the most revenue and adjust your campaigns accordingly. With conversion tracking, you can also set up remarketing campaigns to target users who have already shown an interest in your products, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

In short, conversion tracking is an essential tool for any WooCommerce store owner who wants to maximize their advertising ROI and improve their overall conversion rate. By tracking your conversions and making data-driven decisions, you can take your advertising campaigns to the next level and drive more revenue for your business.

Setting Up a Google Ads Account

The first step to setting up conversion tracking is to create a Google Ads account if you haven't already done so.

Creating a Google Ads Account

To create a Google Ads account, simply go to the Google Ads website and click the "Start Now" button. Follow the prompts to provide your business information and billing information. Once you've completed these steps, your Google Ads account will be created.

Navigating the Google Ads Dashboard

Once you've created your Google Ads account, you'll be taken to the Google Ads dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of your ad campaigns and allows you to create new campaigns, view performance metrics, and manage your billing information.

Preparing Your WooCommerce Store for Conversion Tracking

Now that you have a Google Ads account, you need to prepare your WooCommerce store for conversion tracking.

Installing the Google Ads Conversion Tracking Plugin

To get started, you'll need to install the Google Ads Conversion Tracking plugin on your WooCommerce store. You can find this plugin by searching for "Google Ads Conversion Tracking" in the WordPress plugin repository. Once you've installed and activated the plugin, you'll need to configure the plugin settings before you can start tracking conversions.

Configuring the Plugin Settings

Configuring the plugin settings is a simple process. From your WordPress dashboard, go to the "Google Ads Conversion Tracking" settings page. Here, you'll need to provide your Google Ads conversion ID and label, which can be found in your Google Ads account. You'll also need to choose which conversion actions you want to track.

Creating a Conversion Action in Google Ads

Before you can implement conversion tracking on your WooCommerce store, you need to create a conversion action in Google Ads.

Types of Conversion Actions

Google Ads supports several types of conversion actions, including purchases, phone calls, form submissions, and more. For a WooCommerce store, the most relevant conversion action is likely going to be a purchase.

Setting Up a Conversion Action for Your WooCommerce Store

To set up a conversion action for your WooCommerce store, go to the "Tools & Settings" menu in your Google Ads account and click "Conversions." Here, you can create a new conversion action and choose the "Purchase" option. Follow the prompts to provide your conversion settings, such as the value of each purchase and the conversion window.

Implementing the Conversion Tracking Code on Your WooCommerce Store

The final step in the process of setting up conversion tracking is to implement the conversion tracking code on your WooCommerce store.

Adding the Conversion Tracking Code to Your Thank You Page

To do this, you'll need to add the conversion tracking code to your WooCommerce store's thank you page, which is displayed after a user completes a purchase. You can find the conversion tracking code in your Google Ads account; simply copy and paste this code into the "Additional Tracking Code" field in the Google Ads Conversion Tracking plugin settings. Once this is set up, Google Ads will be able to track when a user completes a purchase on your WooCommerce store.

Verifying the Conversion Tracking Code

After implementing the conversion tracking code, it's important to verify that it's working correctly. You can do this by going to the "Conversions" section of your Google Ads account and checking to see if any conversions have been recorded. If you're seeing conversions, then your conversion tracking is working correctly!


By setting up conversion tracking on your WooCommerce store, you'll be able to get a better understanding of which ads are driving purchases and maximize your advertising ROI. Although the setup process may seem overwhelming at first, the Google Ads Conversion Tracking plugin makes it easy to get started. With a little bit of effort, you'll be on your way to running more effective advertising campaigns for your WooCommerce store.

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