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Identify which marketing channels are working and which ones aren't. Easy setup. No coding required.

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Increase Marketing ROI
Understand which marketing channels and campaigns drive the most sales.
Easy Reporting
Generate reports in one-click. No more manual and slow excel spreadsheet work.
Justify Marketing Budget
Prove the value of your marketing with powerful data and analytics.
Optimize Marketing Spend
Stop wasting money on low-performing ads and know how to allocate funds to ones that perform better.
Understand Customer Journey
Optimize your sales experience with insights into your customer’s sales journey.
Get Started Quickly
Get started today with our simple and easy setup process. No coding required.
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Track the Performance of all Your Marketing Channels

Easily integrate with and track all of your marketing channels including email, facebook ads, google ads, organic social, influencers, affiliates and more.

Trustworthy Attribution

See where your sales are REALLY coming from using ThoughtMetric as an unbiased source of truth. Stop relying on inflated facebook and google numbers.

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Create your Marketing Reports in One-Click

No more need to manually enter data into an excel spreadsheet. ThoughtMetric saves you time by automating this for you.

Understand your Customer’s Journey

Improve how you reach your customers by understanding how customers arrive at your store from first touch to last.

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ThoughtMetric Deep Tagging

Get Hyper-Accurate Insights with Deep Tagging

Use the future of marketing technology to collect 30% more accurate marketing data than traditional sources.

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